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At Readymag, we’re challenging the status quo of design technology. By removing many of the usual technical limits on your creativity, we aim to push the web forward. Today, we are very excited to announce the outcome of our Projects of the Year 2019 contest. Thank you so much to all participants! Public voting chose the best projects in four categories — their authors will receive a free Professional plan subscription for 2020!

And the winners are…(drumroll please)

Best Editorial: Peter Lindbergh

This heavily visual project commemorates the legacy of renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh, who passed away in 2019. We love how the site employs animations to create an engaging narrative, enticing viewers and smoothly guiding them through the photographs and key life events of Lindbergh.

Best Event: Here and Now

Here and Now is an atlas of Moscow creative studios. The site immediately grabs your attention with clever on-scroll animations, creating a fluid viewing experience and playing with visual hierarchies on the page. Be sure to explore the rich web of growing connections in the city, thoroughly recreated by the AIC design team.

Best Creative: Studio Cronica

The primary website for London-based creative studio Cronica is a joy just to scroll through. Their catalogue of work is presented artfully, in a way that allows both text and images to breathe. Thanks to smart layout, as well as custom animations and pixel art, this project feels more like a magazine than an agency portfolio.

Best Promo: BlkBlkLtr

BlkBlkLtr, a project by San Francisco-based designer Neha Hattangdi, offers web specimens for three of her typographical works — NeueHope, Mica, and Lethia. Each page sets its font in a real web context, helping the viewer explore styling options and examine type at a variety of sizes. These specimens call upon viewers to stop looking and start making.

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Let’s keep rocking the web together!

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