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Recent Readymag updates you might have missed

Our quarterly review of major updates is back. This time we highlight breakthrough improvements to animations, extra embed options with Creator plan, a new design for the Made with Readymag page and a number of useful shortcuts.


You can now apply up to four animation types — on Load, Scroll, Hover, and Click — to any widget. Loops became more flexible too.

Learn more here.


We’ve added several shortcuts to help speed up your work:

— Cmd + click (Ctrl + click for Windows) to select a single widget from a group.

— Cmd + X (Ctrl + X for Windows) to cut a widget (copies and removes at the same time). The widget can then be pasted using the Cmd + V (Ctrl + V) shortcut.

— Cmd + ↑ (Ctrl + ↑ for Windows) to reduce the vertical dimensions of a widget, Cmd + ↓ (Ctrl + ↓) to increase.

Cmd + → (Ctrl + → for Windows) to increase the horizontal dimensions of a widget, Cmd + ← (Ctrl + ←) to reduce.

You can also add Shift to each of these shortcuts to multiply actions by ten.

— Pressing keyboard numbers from 0 to 10 to set your preferred degree of widget transparency (for Shape, Picture and Button widgets).

Learn more about shortcuts here.

Made with Readymag in white

Take a look at our redesigned Made with Readymag page. We’ve added a few changes, and, as always, it’s full of inspiring projects.

Analytics tools enabled in Creator

Users of our Creator plan can now integrate analytics and marketing tools into their projects via code injection. These are:

— Google Search Console
— Facebook Pixel
— Pinterest Pixel
— Yandex.Metrika
— Yandex Webmaster
— VK Pixel

To integrate your preferred toolset, use the Embed & Code widget. Then embed your code via Project Code: Head tab.

<Video> tag allowed with code embeds in Creator

Creator plan users can host video content on whatever platform they want (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and embed it directly to their Readymag projects via the <video> tag.

This update provides the following advantages:

— Fully customizable look. Using optional attributes, you can hide video controls, mute, loop, or autoplay. You can also add a cover poster or preload, as well as set the height and width of the video player in pixels.

— Privacy and control. Protect your content by managing download access.

— No ads or suggested content at the end of your videos to lure potential customers away.

To integrate a video, copy its embed code and paste into our Embed & Code widget. Here’s an example of how the embed code from Dropbox should look:

<video width=’100%’ autoplay=’true’ playsinline=’’ loop=’true’ muted=’true\’>

<source src=’ white.mp4?raw=1' type=’video/mp4'>


Note: some of screenshots and videos in this post reference our old user interface, so the current Readymag workflow may not look identical. Check out all of our changes here.

To stay tuned, follow our Product Updates page and join our newsletter.

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