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Readymag quarter updates: don’t miss our new pixel-precise functionality

Our quarterly review of major updates is back. This time we focused on improving the overall precision of the tool, as well as on image widget performance.

Picture widget updated

First, all widget corners can now be rounded independently. You can also set different roundings for desktop and mobile.

Second, we have added a new Progressive images toggle to the Project Settings menu. This feature allows you to render images gradually for visitors, transforming them from blurred previews to full images.

Third, you can now crop images even more accurately — the crop scale is now almost twice as sensitive. Use 100% and 50% values instead of the old 1:1 and 1:2 buttons, which have been removed with the update.

Finally, Readymag now converts all images to the WebP format, making projects load faster. This improvement affects all Readymag projects — even those put together before the update. Note that some browsers don’t currently support WebP.

Learn more about Picture widget in our Help section.

Sizes between Widgets

When you move a widget around, the distance between it and other snapped widgets can now become highlighted. Just switch on both the Sizes and Snap features.

Also, it has become easier to copy any widget several times with a set distance (say, to create an image gallery).

Simply copy a widget with Option/Alt + Drag and set a distance between the widget and its first duplicate. Then copy again, as many times as necessary — the distance between copies will remain constant.

Zoom In/Zoom Out

You can now zoom in and out of your workspace using the Cmd + or − (Ctrl + or − for Windows) shortcuts.

Furthermore, any widget can be set with dimensions as small as 1 px width and 1 px height.

Scale Layout in Editor

We’ve added a Scale Layout mode to the Editor, allowing users to devise scalable layouts exactly as they would look like both in preview and after publication (what you see is what you get).

The feature activates automatically when you enable Scale Layout from your project settings.

Note: some of screenshots and videos in this post reference our old user interface, so the current Readymag workflow may not look identical. Check out all of our changes here.

There are more updates to come this summer! You can learn about new features here. If you’d like to try them out before everyone else, apply to become a beta tester.

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