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The web is changing. Today, a growing number of formats — from landing pages to online shops — can be made by designers without any coding experience. Still, finding the right creative professionals demands time and research. R/masters talent base is here to help connect projects and people.

Some time ago, we asked the members of our Facebook community if they would like to make Readymag projects as contractees. Interested designers sent us their work, and we selected the best for a list of professionals offering their services. This list is now public and accessible for everyone. “Our goal at Readymag is to push the web forward by making it less dependent on developers and facilitating the creation of unique projects. With R/masters, we present skilled Readymag users to potential clients,” Readymag Product Designer Stas Aki explains.

We plan to update the R/masters list regularly — any independent designer or design studio can apply to join. Though all applications will be examined by the Readymag design team, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected. “Reviewing applications, we pay attention to design, but also to format. Sending only your portfolio won’t work. We choose designers who show various types of creative experimental projects, like editorials and landing pages,” Stas adds.

“I believe that R/masters will be most in demand for the creation of landing pages for products and services, personal web pages, and websites for small businesses,” he sums up. Feel free to message any of the designers listed and describe your needs, but please note that Readymag is not liable for the relations between contractors and contractees.

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