How to get on R/masters: 3 brief recommendations

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R/masters is our curated talent base connecting designers to clients. Every Readymag user can apply to join it — applications are examined by the Readymag design team, though we cannot guarantee that you will be selected. To raise your chances, we offer three brief pieces of advice.

2–3 works + portfolio is enough

Mulling how many works to send for review? Follow what our application form offers: your portfolio plus three additional projects is the perfect number. Please note, that however great, just your portfolio won’t work — to assess your skills we and need to see at least one additional piece of work.

Real projects are desirable

Then comes the question which exact works to show. As our talent base is oriented mostly on owners of small and medium-sized businesses and digital media, we and your potential contractors will be most happy to see real projects for such types of clients.

Play with formats

What if you are a young designer with no experience in business? Do not make fake projects for non-existing brands, but show your creativity and play with formats instead. Experiments on the intersection of long-reads and artsy projects are very welcome — we at Readymag strive to give you the utmost creative freedom and love to see how flexible you can go with formats and genre boundaries.

If you feel that you fit these requirements hurry to send us your works for review!

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