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E-commerce with Readymag: a basketful of examples

Readymag’s e-commerce widget allows you to turn your web project into a storefront and your visitors into customers. Here are some great examples to inspire you.

Tribute Brand

Tribute Brand is a store for virtual clothing. We applaud them both for the bravery of their idea and for the project’s eye-catching design.

Sasai Jewelry

Hand-crafted jewelry boutique based in NYC, Sasai is the creation of Tokyo-born designer Akari Cassidy. Her online shop epitomizes style and modesty.

Suun Productions

Suun Productions is only selling a single poster for now, but their website still showcases how to integrate e-commerce in your portfolio with impeccable smoothness.

Danielle Yukari

The shop of Brooklyn-based, Brasilian-Japanese ceramicist Danielle Yukari offers a strong minimalistic design, much like Yukari’s artwork.

Concrete Confinement

A self-isolation charity project, Concrete Confinement is a print-on-demand poetry book. The page is a simple but powerful example of successful fundraising.

Negative Feed

A tongue-in-cheek fashion store from Rotterdam offering a range of 90s-style clothing.

The Readymag e-commerce widget allows you to work with Stripe out of the box, creating new e-shops in just a few clicks. Gumroad, Ecwid, or Shopify are also supported. Note that you don’t have to pay any additional fees to integrate e-commerce.

Take a look at our e-commerce guide to get started. Learn more about the widget in our product updates blog.

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