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Creating an online store with Readymag

In this article, we talk about some new changes to Readymag policy that make it easier to create an online store — with both Creator and Professional plans.

From now on, you can create an e-shop and start selling with Readymag on any paid plan, simply by embedding one of the following e-commerce services: Stripe, Shopify, Gumroad, or Ecwid. Create an account with the service you prefer, then copy and paste the embed code into your project using our Embed & Code widget.

We don’t restrict your plan based on services and don’t charge you any additional price for e-commerce; however, the cost of subscribing to any of these four services is not included with your Readymag plan.

Please note that e-commerce embeds may not work correctly on projects with Scale Layout enabled.

Below we provide basic details about your different options.

Stripe allows payments from credit cards and ApplePay. Embeds work only in projects with SSL certificates enabled. To enable, open your project settings, go to the Domain tab and switch SSL on.

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Learn more about SSL on Readymag here. To check if Stripe is supported in your country, please check this list.

Shopify offers a lot of different payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

Gumroad allows payments from credit cards and ApplePay, with many possibilities for customization and your checkout form. As with Stripe, Gumroad embeds only work in projects with SSL certificates enabled.

Ecwid unites dozens of payment providers under its hood. You can check which payment platforms are available with Ecwid in your country here.

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Some of the other Readymag tools can also be useful when designing an online store. Use the form widget to make your customer request a missing size or complete a survey. Upload barcodes via the image widget. You can also use the slideshow widget to create a showcase, and social media widgets to spread the word!

You can always write to our support team if you have any further questions about e-commerce and Readymag: We also offer a guide with technical details on each one of the available e-commerce services in our Help section.

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