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Beyond Covid: 5 projects paving the way to a new normal

In this selection we focus on how Readymag users are showing resilience and creative energy during the pandemic.


Launched amidst uncertain times, ‘MyLinkIsYourLink’ enables creatives with a stable income to donate their unused book views to the unemployed. This is also a powerful way to connect people seeking to work globally. The service was created by André Mezzomo, Bernardo Tavares, Rodrigo Rocha, and Marco Correa, and is open to the entire industry.

Project Reset

Project Reset is a multimedia time capsule that functions as a user-generated documentary, built from historic cache of stories and artefacts that showcase life in 2020 and anticipate life in the year 2041. The project opened for anonymous letters August 1, 2020 and will close for entries on December 31, 2020. Create a story for the future and add your message.


Easy identification and tracking is critical as essential workers get back on the job. Ivan Danyshevsky and Vova Rodionov from Temporary studio propose a novel solution: a neon-yellow, silicone wristband for policemen, nurses, firemen, doctors, teachers, couriers, or delivery persons who have recovered, vaccinated and been tested for antibodies, so they can get back to work safely.

10 days in isolation

Student Yulia Kulikova shares an all-too-relatable story — in daily drawings — of ten days in isolation. The diary has been a way to ground in the present and bring levity to a deeply worrying situation.

Aerocene Ecosystem & Post-Covid Futuring

​Aerocene is a movement proposed by Berlin-based artist Tomás Saraceno, which imagines a world free from carbon, extractivism, capitalism, and patriarchy. Aerocene Ecosystem & Post-Covid Futuring is a research endeavor focused on the future(s) of urban air mobility through the practice of designing alongside the natural world. Founded as a part of a continued collaboration between the Rhode Island School of Design and Hyundai Motor Group.

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