With more designers and agencies adopting a position of purpose, it’s harder to stand out and truly demonstrate a unique creative angle. Abb-d Choudhury, founder of Driftime®, writes about why he chose to reposition his business and undergo a radical shift towards people and planet-focused outcomes. Here are some ideas and tips for those looking to instill design and organisational ethics in their companies.

In the wake of climate change, social injustice, and wanting to create a more equitable world, purpose-driven design practices are springing up everywhere. Designers want to add meaning to the work they do and boost impact…

The tumult of 2020 transformed the way people live and interact with each other. This encompasses all the common social norms — including patterns of behavior, communications, and attitudes. Now people often speak of the ‘new normal.’

As designers and developers, we are obliged to create experiences that are better than normal. For us, it’s important to never lose the wider ethical perspective; seeing changing circumstances not as a drawback, but an opportunity for a better shared future. This future has to be envisioned and designed, and we hope that everyone will participate. …

Creating a web project that stands out requires a deep understanding of typography and fonts. Our selection of manuals and video tutorials will help you create effective font pairings, make long reads more readable, and fine-tune your text layouts.

Font Pairing Almanac

In this update, we significantly enriched the functionality of the Text widget. Find more details below.


— You can now find a List toggle in the Advanced Typography menu, allowing you to save list styles separate from text styles. By default, a list style is set to ‘Same as text’.

— You can change the order of styles in the Text Styles/Link Styles panel using drag-n-drop.

New shortcuts

— To copy/paste a style from one widget to another, use Cmd + Opt + C/V.

— To paste text without formatting, use Cmd + Shift + V (or Cmd + Option + Shift…

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a hamburger menu. We will show you two types of menu animations while highlighting new features — a toggle to hide Opacity animations in Editor, Current link styles, and global widgets in templates.

Desktop to Mobile

The most frequent use case for the burger menu is mobile. To create a mobile burger menu from a desktop navigation bar:

—Switch to the mobile viewport.

—Copy all items from your navigation bar. Then use the eye-icon in the widget bar to hide the original menu items in the mobile viewport. …

If you’re planning to sell something in 2021, an online presence is a must. In this article, we show recent examples of e-commerce projects and guide you through the basics of creating an online store with Readymag.


We’re all used to a black arrow as our primary cursor. However, with a little bit of code, you can pretty easily swap out the arrow for any image you like. This can be a great way to emphasize the identity of a project, and the Readymag support team is asked frequently about implementation. Below we provide some inspiration with a few examples that we love, then explain how to set up custom cursors for your project.

Code injection is a feature available with Readymag Professional and Custom plans. You can try it out on any plan in Preview mode.

Examples to inspire you

The year end is coming, so we’re summing up the updates we’ve rolled out in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Text widget 2.0

Explaining why No Code approaches are great only when it comes to narrow-scope tasks.

A decorative abstract image with angle brackets
A decorative abstract image with angle brackets

No Code is a broad term. It describes a variety of products that help end users assemble web pages and applications without hiring developers. In recent years, it has also become an ideology of sorts (praised, for example, in this 2019 Forbes column): a promise to get rid of all the complications intertwined with IT development, especially its proverbial high costs, unpredictability and difficulty to scale quickly.

However, the promise is often exaggerated. Many of the proposed approaches are oversold or just unoriginal. Still, niche solutions from the No Code toolbox can be a useful way to speed up development.

Anastasia Mokhan has been working as an assistant in a creative agency in Moscow, when she established there’s a huge demand for designers specialising in director’s treatments. She decided to try it as a hobby: learned the basics of design and started making such presentations as a freelancer. In two years, Anastasia launched her own agency. Today she works with directors who make videos for Apple Music, Google, Snapchat, Volkswagen, IKEA and other high-profile brands.

In this piece, Anastasia explains how to jump-start in the field of director’s treatments and tells how to find clients. …


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