Now when you click on any widget in the Mobile viewport, it will load a Desktop Keyhole — a window where you can check out the desktop version of your widget. This allows you to control the look of the Desktop version of the widget, while editing properties in the Mobile viewport.

Hannah Springett is a UK based designer and entrepreneur. The founder of HanSpringett Ltd. and visual storytelling lecturer at Condé Nast College, shares her journey building a design agency during the pandemic and reveals how Readymag helped.

A thirst for editorial and interactive design

I have always been passionate about editorial design and took on the mantle of Creative Director of the student magazine at Kingston University. However, it was during a 2-day Flash workshop at Uni that I fell in love with interactive design.

It was fun to use, and I loved the drag and drop nature since it…

Readymag users can now add shadows to most widgets. The full list of widgets with a shadow option includes Shape, Picture, Button, Text, Form, Hotspot, Slideshow, Video, and E-commerce.

You can alter the direction of the shadow, as well as its blur quality and color. Three preset interactive effects are available: load shadow on hover, relocate on hover, and relocate on scroll.

These settings can also be made global so that all the widgets in your project show a consistent shadow.

As for text shadowing, note that you can activate different settings for each part of the same text widget.

Check out how to use the feature in our Oracle Cards of Design Manifestos.

Learn more from our Help section.

If you’d like to try out new Readymag features before everyone else, apply to become a beta tester.

Design digital publications and websites with Readymag.

Every design decision is made on behalf of end users. Designing the web — a medium for communication and a social space at the same time — it is our responsibility to think carefully about how our choices impact the person on the other end of the conversation. Even small and seemingly insignificant moves can have far-reaching consequences, and good etiquette can help us carve paths to better futures for everyone.

Ethical design communication refers to the practice of conveying honest information, in a manner not intended to be misleading. …

The Shots widget will now allow you to upload a sequence of images, instead of a video. This can be used to control animation frames more precisely or to create transparent Shots (with the help of transparent PNG images).

The frame order will reflect however the files were sorted on your computer. Images will retain their original size and resolution. You can upload PNG and JPEG files.

It’s very important for designers to push their eye and awareness, to see more than they thought possible. This is certainly true with color. It’s also very important to practice putting yourself in the shoes of other people. Like any form of exercise, the more you do it, the stronger you get. In this article we offer four creative exercises practiced by renowned design teachers and originally mentioned in our Design Almanac.

Paint with watercolor

“Your clients may not be good at noticing, but you should notice on their behalf. There are millions of ways we can improve life for each other, but…

For the Mobile version of Readymag projects you can now choose from three types of mobile layout:

— Auto layout (arranges all widgets in a single column, each will fit the viewport width with 20px margins and 20px spacing between widgets).

— Fit to mobile (resizes all widgets proportionately to fill the mobile viewport).

— Desktop layout (everything looks as it would on a desktop display).

Note that these options can also be set for any selected widgets or widget groups, allowing you to lay out mobile variations with only a few clicks. Simply select the relevant layout type for each widget or group.

Learn more in our Help section.

If you’d like to try out new Readymag features before everyone else, apply to become a beta tester.

Design digital publications and websites with Readymag.

These two updates will help protect your Readymag account.

First, you can now enable two-factor authentication for your account. Enter the Settings menu from your Profile page, toggle ‘Two-factor auth’ and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to download a security token app for your phone.

Important note. Don’t forget to save emergency codes: they will help you avoid being locked out of your account in case you lose your phone.

Another new feature is session control. In your profile, you’ll now see a full list of your sessions, together with login location and browser data. …

The checkout flow in our e-commerce widget has changed. Store owners can enable Google Pay and Apple Pay, set up promo codes, change delivery settings and support recurring billing. Users will be now redirected to Stripe to complete their purchase instead of the sidebar checkout.

Dark patterns are online user experiences that are intentionally designed to trick users into taking unintended actions. These actions rarely benefit the user, but rather serve the owner of the site or app — almost always for financial gain. This article by graphic designer, artist and art educator Eileen MacAvery Kane will explore different types of experiences, the role and responsibility of designers, the confusing online landscape created by dark patterns, and what actions can be taken to prioritize users in the online design process.

The term “dark patterns” was coined in 2010 by UX specialist Harry Brignull, describing online…


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